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Cost Effective, Reliable & High Quality Fire Sprinklers That Save Lives!

London's Fire Sprinkler Specialists!

Residential Sprinkler AssociationOur domestic and residential fire sprinklers are guaranteed to protect your home and your family by quickly putting out fires and stopping them from spreading.

We have access to the finest domestic and residential fire sprinklers available. As a small, family run company, we can supply and install fire sprinklers that comply with Building Regulations and BS 9251 at very affordable and competitive prices.

Your property may need fire sprinkler systems fitted if Building Regulations require them, especially in residential properties that have a loft conversion over an open plan ground floor, buildings that have restricted access and those that are vast in height.

Give us a call today on 02036 750541 and speak with a specialist behind all our repairs and installations. Our team will provide a high quality service, no matter if it is an installation of a new fire sprinkler system or the repair of an old one.

Sprinkler Systems in Ceiling

Fire Sprinkler Sensor

Fire Sprinkler Unit


Professional Residential Sprinkler Installers

We utilise years of experience to provide our clients with high quality fire sprinkler installations and repairs ensuring our clients are protected in any outbreak of a fire. Designed to suit your property, we tailor the installation to best suit the layout of your home. Suitable for residential properties and care homes, our fire sprinkler systems have you covered.

Our residential, domestic and care home fire sprinklers are suited to combat outbreaks of fire throughout the building. From putting out the fire before the damage is too extensive to giving you enough time to evacuate the building; you are kept safe by our fire sprinkler

We don't only stop at fire sprinkler installations either; we also repair old fire sprinkler systems to ensure they are operating at their best and will not fault for when you need them.

Fire Sprinkler Water Supply

Domestic Fire Sprinklers 

You will rest easy with knowing your family are safe with our domestic fire sprinklers, installed in your property to act fast so you and the family are able to evacuate your property quickly. Domestic fire sprinklers will reduce the damage that a fire will cause in your home as well as kill the spread of the fire. Fires in domestic properties spread very quickly so having domestic fire sprinklers installed will be a safe and very wise investment. 

Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

Sprinkler system pipeworkFire sprinklers are recognised as a very effective form of first line fire defence against the early stages of a fire starting. Designed by experts, our fire sprinklers save lives and at the very least minimise the damage caused to your property. Millions of fire sprinklers are installed worldwide every year because of the amount of lives that are spared by the speed in which they are called in to action.

Fires are unpredictable and sometimes noticed too late for other forms of fire protection to have any impact on extinguishing or halting the spread of the fire. Our fire sprinklers  are automatic and act quickly, they are designed in such a way that every component of the fire sprinklers will be called in to action, so you wont be caused serious injury by trying to put out the fire yourself.

Installations and Repairs Across South West London, Central London and Surrey.

Based in Twickenham, we provide homeowners, housing associations and care homes from across London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, North Hampshire and Surrey with the finest fire sprinklers and mist systems at very competitive prices.

Our fire sprinkler installers have recently carried out installations and repairs for domestic and residential customers in Richmond, Fulham, Chelsea, Winchester, Basingstoke, Farnborough, Guildford, Andover, Alton, Reading, Windsor, Bracknell, Epsom, High Wycombe, Woking, Kensington, Cobham, Kingston upon Thames, Twickenham, Hampton, Surbiton, Putney, Weybridge, Shepherd’s Bush and Wimbledon.

Contact the specialists behind our repairs and installations today to find out more. We will be on hand to go through your requirements and answer your questions on our fire sprinklers.