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Water Supplies

Water Supply for Fire SprinklersIt sounds obvious but fire sprinklers will only be able to effectively extinguish a fire if there is a sufficient quantity of water, and the flow and pressure are at the correct level for the required system.

The type of water supply will often depend on the flow and pressure requirements of the specific system; this will be calculated and taken into account during the design stage of the project.

To find out more or enquire about getting one of our fire sprinkler systems installed, give us a call today on 02036 750541. We will go through your requirements and plan out the fire sprinkler installation for it to best suit your property.

There are two types of water supply ideal at providing sprinklers with enough water to effectively and quickly put out a fire;

Direct Connection

Direct Connection to Water Supply

Storage Tank & Pump Set Supply

Storage Tank and Pump


Direct Connection

A small fire sprinkler system would be most suited to a direct connection to the water supplier’s mains. Not only is it cost effective, it is also the easiest method to quickly and effectively power the sprinkler in the unlikely event of a fire.

In the event that the existing water supply is not suitable, an application to the water authority for a supply upgrade will need to be made. We can assist in this application, as the water authority will want details of the flow and pressure required by the installed fire sprinkler system.

The water authority will upgrade the supply from the town main to the boundary of the property. A further pipe from this point will then need to be installed by a professional plumbing company. This pipe will then be connected to our sprinkler system valve group.

Static Water Supply

The other option is a static water storage supply normally consisting ofan above or below ground tank which come in various different shapes and sizes.

The water is pumped from the tank in to the sprinkler system pipework via a pump set and control panel with a weekly test facility built in. Other water supply options can be considered including a swimming pool or a rain harvesting tank.

The capacity of the water tank will be dependent on the sprinkler system design, a domestic category 1 system must have sufficient storage capacity for 2 sprinkler heads to activate for 10 minutes so will need a tank of approximately 600 to 1000 litres.

For category 2 or 3 systems eg blocks of flats higher than 18 metres, care homes, dormitories and hostels sufficient storage capacity is required for 2-4 heads to activate for 30 minutes.

If you would like to know more about the two types of water supply suitable to power your fire sprinkler systems, call the experts at Watergate Fire Sprinklers today on 02036 750541.