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Watergate Fire Sprinklers
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watergate fire sprinklers watergate fire sprinklers
Protect Your Home & Your Family

Cost effective, reliable and high quality fire sprinklers that save lives!

Protect Your Home & Your Family

Cost effective, reliable and high quality fire sprinklers that save lives!

London's Fire Sprinkler Specialists!

We design, supply and install domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems in accordance with BS 9251:2021

We provide the very best fire sprinkler and mist systems for residential homes, flats, apartments, high-rises, care homes and HMOs.

We supply and install fire sprinkler systems that comply with Building Regulations and BS 9251 at very affordable and competitive prices.

Building control or the fire brigade may request fire sprinkler systems in residential properties that have a loft conversion over an open plan ground floor, buildings that have restricted access (over 45 metres) and those vast in height.

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...and speak with a specialist behind all our residential and domestic fire sprinkler designs and installations.

Our team will provide a high quality service, no matter if it is an installation of a new fire sprinkler system or the repair and servicing of an existing one.

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Professional, Residential and Domestic Sprinkler Installers

We utilise years of experience to provide our London and Surrey clients with high quality fire sprinkler installations, ensuring our clients are protected in any outbreak of a fire.

"We design the system in accordance with British standards taking in to consideration the layout of the buildings fixtures including lighting."

The system is installed using approved high quality materials by our own qualified and experienced engineers in a tradesman like manner.

We don't only stop at residential and domestic fire sprinkler installations either; we also repair and service existing fire sprinkler systems to ensure they are operating at their best and will not fail in the event of a fire.

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Domestic Fire Sprinkler

Domestic Fire Sprinkler Servicing

Fire sprinkler systems require annual servicing to ensure they will always operate in the event of a fire. You will rest easy with knowing your family are safe when the domestic fire sprinkler system has been serviced in your property.

"Domestic fire sprinklers will not only save lives but will reduce the damage that a fire will cause in the home."

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Domestic Fire Sprinkler

How Do Domestic and Residential Fire Sprinklers Work?

Fire sprinklers are heat activated and only the head closest to the fire will activate. The majority of residential sprinkler heads actuate around 74C. There are many fire sprinkler myths floating around, so make sure you understand how yours will work.

For more information, please see our How Do Fire Sprinklers Work? page.