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Watergate Fire Sprinklers
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Trusted and Relied Upon Care Home Sprinklers Fitted Across Chertsey

Working across Surrey, including Chertsey, we specialise in the supply and installation of the very best and most reliable fire sprinkler systems in care homes for very affordable prices.

As you would expect from one of Surrey and Chertsey's leading suppliers and installers of fire sprinkler systems, we have the very best care home and residential fire sprinklers available; all complying with BS 9251 and Building Regulations. We know that facing the risk of a fire in any care home is absolutely terrifying, but with our well-fitted and designed fire sprinkler systems, you will have a reliable and proven system that will protect the building and save lives.

We also make sure that we cause as little disruption to you and your care home residents as possible during the supply and installation of your new fire sprinkler system. We know just how important it is not to disrupt or disturb the peace and routine of the residents and staff.

So call us today on 02036 750541 to speak with our expert fire sprinkler installers and arrange your free survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

Fire sprinklers designed to perfectly suit your needs

When it comes to fires breaking out, care homes can be some of the most vulnerable residential buildings for potentially catastrophic outcomes. Despite all the training that is given, evacuating the elderly or the ill in a safe, fast and organised manner is not simple. Our proven, effective and trusted fire sprinklers are designed and fitted to perfectly suit the Chertsey property in which they are fitted and work instantly and accurately to help put out the fires and limit the damage that can be caused, giving you the all-important time needed to safely evacuate staff and residents. 

We have decades of expertise and experience in installing and repairing fire sprinkler systems, so if you already have a fire sprinkler system that is in dire need of repair or maintenance, we provide a specialist and affordable repairs service for old systems to ensure that they are working at their very best. 

How do our care home sprinklers work?

The sensors in the sprinkler system will firstly be triggered by the heat generated by the start of the fire. This will in turn release the water. Our fire sprinklers are designed to act quickly, compared to others that trigger much later once the fire is more progressive. This would mean that a lot more damage is caused; however, our fire sprinklers and mist systems are designed to prevent this from happening. 

Installation and repair service across Chertsey

Based in Twickenham, we specialise in providing care homes from across Surrey and Chertsey with the very best fire sprinkler systems. 

Contact us to get the very best fire sprinkler installations and repairs, our expert team will be on hand to answer all your questions.