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Watergate Fire Sprinklers
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Trusted and Effective Fire Sprinklers Fitted Across Chertsey

We provide clients in Chertsey with highly effective fire sprinklers, offered for quite reasonable prices. Our team of experts ensure the correct installation every time.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

We have earned a reputation as one of Chertsey's top fire sprinkler installation providers, using only the finest mist systems and sprinklers for large residential properties, homes and care homes.

We bring you access to the premier range of domestic and residential fire sprinklers, which are renowned for their accuracy and reliability. Ideal for protecting your Chertsey property and those inside it, these systems provide reliable protection all year round with exceptional efficiency. 

Watergate Fire Sprinklers is the perfect option for increasing the safety of your Chertsey home and decreasing the chance of a fire outbreak. Contact us today on 02036 750541 to speak to our specialists; they are more than happy to discuss your needs and will be able to respond to any queries regarding our fire sprinklers.

Highly experienced fire sprinkler installations

The fire sprinkler systems we provide to clients in Chertsey have been created to meet the BS 9251 regulations. To ensure they are as unobtrusive as possible, these heads are finished with flush-fitting cover plates that blend into the room decor. In addition, the CPVC pipework is fitted within the ceiling for a neat and tidy appearance.

Our fire sprinkler systems are either powered by a mains domestic water supply or a pump and storage tank. After installation is completed, we perform rigorous tests up to 10 bar pressure so that you know your new system is safe and secure.

Reliable fire sprinklers installed in Chertsey

Rather than other solutions present in the markets, our fire sprinklers and mist systems are both dependable and affordable, as well as being of premium quality. Since they react to rising temperatures rather than smoke, our products prove a successful defence against fires in the Surrey and Chertsey area; typically just one sprinkler head is effective enough to put out the flames. Not only does this help to prevent smoke inhalation or injury by burns and death, it also aids in keeping any property damage down to a minimum.

Get in touch with us right away to go over your fire sprinkler set-up needs and get a no cost, no strings attached quote from one of our skilled installers at an opportune time.