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Just What Are The Common Fire Sprinkler Myths?

There are many fire sprinkler myths circulating about domestic fire sprinklers. These fire sprinkler myths lead to many homeowners and residential property owners choosing to ignore the many safety benefits that fire sprinklers can provide.

Ignoring the benefits of fire sprinklers is very risky and when an there is an outbreak of fire, there won't be anything to help protect you or your property.

Our fire sprinklers are highly efficient and are installed by specialists who understand that fire sprinkler myths are just that: myths. Making sure you understand the difference between truth and fiction is extremely important, so we decided to go through some glaring fire sprinkler myths to help dispel some "truths" in the industry.

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There are many fire sprinkler myths to watch out for

Below you will see just some of the fire sprinkler myths and the actual facts that dispute these.

Myth: Fire sprinklers cause water damage

The Truth: Significant tests have revealed that damage caused by water from a sprinkler system is comprehensively less than damage caused by the water from a fire brigade's hose.

Myth: Sprinkler heads will leak

The Truth: Domestic fire sprinkler systems are under the same pressure as the plumbing system but are tested at two to three times higher pressure during the installation process.

Myth: Fire sprinkler systems may go off accidentally

The Truth: Put it this way, you have more chance of winning the lottery than your sprinkler system going off! In fact, scientific research has shown the probability of this happening is only one in 16 million.

Myth: If one fire sprinkler goes off, they all will

The Truth: Our domestic fire sprinkler systems are designed to react to temperatures in each room individually. Data has proven that usually one sprinkler will control a developing fire.

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