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Watergate Fire Sprinklers
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Reliable and Affordable Care Home Sprinklers in Hounslow

We operate in Hounslow installing the most reliable fire prevention systems in care homes at competitive rates.

We are proud to be one of Hounslow's foremost suppliers and installers of fire sprinklers. Our products conform to Building Regulations and BS 9251, offering residential care homes the most reliable fire protection available. If a devastating fire were to occur in a care home, our sprinkler systems can save lives and property by extinguishing flames quickly and effectively.

We strive to keep disruptions to a minimum when installing and providing your new fire sprinkler system, as we understand the importance of maintaining the serenity and normal routine for both residents and staff. 

Set up your free survey and obligation-free quotation at your convenience by contacting us today on 02036 750541. Our team of professionals will be happy to provide you with any advice required. 

Fire sprinklers designed with your needs in mind

Care homes are particularly vulnerable to disastrous consequences in the event of a fire. Being able to swiftly and orderly evacuate elderly or sick residents is not simple, despite training programmes. We have created our fire sprinklers to fit each Hounslow property and they will activate as soon as a blaze begins, restricting harm and giving you ample time to get everyone out safely.

We are specialists when it comes to fire sprinkler systems. With decades of expertise and experience, we can repair or install old systems. Our cost-effective repairs will keep your existing system in optimum condition.

How our care home sprinklers function

The heat from the fire can trigger our sprinkler system's sensors quickly, stopping the blaze before it has a chance to spread. Contrastingly, some other systems will engage too late; leading to potential extensive damage being caused. Our fire sprinklers and mist systems are strategically designed with this in mind to ensure safety. 

Installation and repair service across Hounslow

We are based near to the Hounslow area and offer exceptional fire sprinkler systems. 

Reach out to us for the highest quality fire sprinkler installations and repairs. Our professional staff is available to address any inquiries you may have.