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Watergate Fire Sprinklers
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How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

Fire sprinklers are an incredibly quick, reliable and effective way of stopping fire before it spreads. It minimises damage and risk to health, but how exactly do they work?

When a fire starts in a home, the resulting smoke will normally trigger a smoke detector to alert any occupants. This is to give them time to react to the fire and leave the premises before the fire spreads.

Fire sprinklers work almost immediately, as the air directly above the fire will get hot and push out across the ceiling. This is what will cause the sprinkler to activate.

We use concealed sprinkler heads with white cover plates (other colours available on special order) which fit flush with the ceiling. As soon as the heat reaches a sprinkler head, that sprinkler is activated and will release water onto the designated area; combatting the fire. The cover plate will drop off first with the heat rising followed by the dropped down sprinkler head activating between 68 and 74 degrees Celsius.

In most cases, just the one sprinkler will be needed to extinguish the fire. It is only in severe cases where the fire has spread quickly that additional sprinkler heads will be required to help put out the fire.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Incredibly Effective

Residential and domestic fire sprinklers are proven to save lives. There has been no loss of life recorded in UK properties that have fire sprinklers installed. All fire sprinkler systems are designed around your property to combat any outbreak of fire.

Our domestic fire sprinklers work regardless of whether there is anybody in the property or not. By acting quickly, the sprinkler system will reduce the risk of injury and death and minimise the amount of fire and smoke damage caused to the property.

All fire sprinkler installations are designed and installed to best suit the layout of your property to ensure that the most likely points of a fire outbreak are covered. Areas with a lot of electronic equipment are under threat of breaking out in fire. A single piece of faulty wiring is all it takes for fire to be started.

Ceiling fire sprinkler

Your Fire Sprinklers Operating 24/7 to Keep You Safe

The fire sprinkler systems we install are always ready to combat fire, even during the night. If something was to happen while you were asleep, our fire sprinklers will react to it. Fire alarms are installed to ensure you get the time needed to react to the fire outbreak and leave the building. However, our fire sprinklers will immediately work on combatting the fire to minimise the damage caused.

All it requires is a simple spark from an electrical fault to start a fire. It can happen while you are out for the evening or even while you are asleep; there is no warning for when a fire is to break out and the damage it can cause is devastating.

Homeowners across the UK miss out on the opportunity to combat fire by not getting highly efficient fire sprinkler systems installed; making them lose almost all of their possessions and their home. Our fire sprinkler systems work day and night to combat any fire, ensuring losses are kept to a minimum.