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Watergate Fire Sprinklers
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Kingston-upon-Thames Fire Sprinkler Specialists

We supply and install industry leading residential and domestic fire sprinklers across Kingston-upon-Thames.

Based in Twickenham we work throughout London and the surrounding areas, installing the very best fire sprinklers and mist systems to domestic and residential properties.

We have the most reliable fire sprinklers that work all year round ensuring the building and the people inside it are safe. The systems will activate when they are triggered by heat, so cannot be accidentally activated, making them an essential and effective piece of safety equipment.

To give yourself peace of mind, and to give your home or residential property the best defence in the case of a fire, give us a call today on 02036 75054.

Installing your fire sprinkler system

All our domestic and residential sprinkler systems are designed, supplied and installed to comply with BS 9251.

The sprinkler heads that are installed will not attract any attention, so you won’t have to worry about how they look. Unobtrusive cover plates are used which finish flush with the ceiling. To give you some understanding on how this will look, down lights are also fitted this way, and then matched to the appearance of the room. The pipework is also hidden away after it has been connected, so you will have a whole fire sprinkler system installed that won’t keep catching your eye.

The fire sprinkler system works by being fed by a mains domestic water supply or by a storage tank and pump. Once the fire sprinkler has been installed, it will be tested to a pressure of 10 bar, to make sure that it is fully up and running, should it ever need to be operated.

Extremely accurate fire sprinklers

Our well designed, high quality and fast acting fire sprinklers will be triggered by heat. They will not be activated by smoke, so in most cases across Kingston-upon-Thames, fires are extinguished by just one sprinkler head. The speed at which they come in to action, will minimise the risk of damage, injury and death.

Residential fire sprinklers work so quickly and accurately, that there have been no deaths in Kingston-upon-Thames where they have been installed.

Contact us today to speak with our specialists, and receive a free no obligation quotation.