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Watergate Fire Sprinklers
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Oxford's Very Best Residential Fire Sprinklers!

At our company, we'll help you keep your tenants safe with the provision and installation of the highest quality domestic fire sprinklers.

We are based in Oxford and work accross Oxfordshire to install the finest mist systems and residential fire sprinklers. Our products will act quickly to keep any fires at bay, even while you sleep. Our sprinklers can detect a blaze when it starts and will be triggered immediately to prevent the spread of flames.

Our fire sprinkler systems cover all areas of your Oxford property, guaranteeing the highest standards with our advanced technology and quality equipment. Every system is carefully designed according to the layout and guaranteed to work precisely when needed - in case of a kitchen fire, only that area's sprinklers will activate while leaving others inactive.

If you are based in Oxford, then contact us on 02036 750541 for a free property survey and no-obligation quote. Watergate Fire Sprinklers are the experts, so don't hesitate to call today.

Complete coverage throughout the building

Our residential fire sprinklers will provide comprehensive coverage for your Oxford property. By covering each area, the risk of a fire spreading and causing further damage is minimised. Electronic focussed areas, in particular kitchens, are where fires are most likely to start so these should have the greatest concentration of sprinklers.

Residential fire sprinklers are effective against fire, regardless of its location or origin. They will activate swiftly in the area of the blaze, leaving the rest of your Oxford property dry. By acting rapidly to extinguish the fire, it can be contained and kept from infiltrating other close-by buildings, thus minimising damage caused.

Professional installations by people you can trust

When you contract Watergate Fire Sprinklers, you can be certain of a quality and reliable installation of residential fire sprinklers, thanks to our years of knowledge and proficiency. Our devoted and experienced workforce will install your new systems all over the house, with an option to hide them in the ceiling for a more subtle appeal. To discover more about our fire sprinkler systems, take a look here today!

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and discuss your needs with one of our warm and welcoming staff. Setting up a free property survey and a no strings attached quote can be done at your earliest convenience.