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Watergate Fire Sprinklers
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Effective Residential Fire Sprinklers Fitted Across Reading

Our residential fire sprinklers offer the utmost quality and will help protect your home in case of a fire. We provide a professional service on installation, to ensure your residents are safeguarded.

We provide and install the highest quality residential fire sprinklers and mist systems in Reading. When a fire occurs, our sprinklers will switch on quickly to contain it before it gets out of hand. Our systems are also able to detect and put out fires during the night.

We have put our comprehensive design and planning skills to good use, so we can provide you with the best fire sprinkler systems. These systems are incredibly accurate and only activate when necessary – for example, if a fire were to break out in the kitchen, the fire sprinklers in that room would come on and the others would remain inactive.

Watergate Fire Sprinklers provide services to Reading. Contact us now on 02036 750541 for a free property survey and quote with no strings attached. Get in touch today!

Complete coverage throughout the building

Our residential fire sprinklers are sure to provide your Reading property with comprehensive coverage. This will minimise the risk of a fire spreading and doing more damage. Kitchens and areas heavy with electronics tend to be the most susceptible spots for a blaze, so it is here that the sprinklers should be used liberally.

In case of a fire, residential fire sprinklers will be triggered right away in the area where it started and remain unaffected elsewhere. This action prevents the fire from causing extensive destruction and spreading to adjacent buildings or locations.

Professional installations by people you can trust

When you choose Watergate Fire Sprinklers, you can trust us to provide the best quality residential fire sprinkler installation. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will install your system throughout your home with a discreet solution - the sprinklers can be hidden in the ceiling. To find out more about our fire sprinkler systems, please visit our webpage.

Give us a call now to talk about your needs and set up your complimentary property inspection and no-strings-attached quote as per your availability.