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Watergate Fire Sprinklers
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Residential Fire Sprinklers Installed Throughout Richmond

Servicing clients throughout Richmond, we provide installations of a wide range of residential fire sprinklers that are assured to keep you safe in an outbreak of fire.

Operating 24/7, residential fire sprinklers ensure that when a fire starts, they will switch on and combat the fire before it grows out of control. Even during the night, if it detects a fire building, the fire sprinklers in the area of the fire will activate. This keeps your possessions and family safe.

We plan out the installation of all our residential fire sprinklers around your property to ensure all areas are covered. Our residential fire sprinklers are incredibly accurate as well meaning they will only switch on when required. If a fire was to start in the kitchen, the fire sprinklers installed in the kitchen will switch on to combat it, but this doesn't mean they all will.

Why not give us a call today on 02036 750541 and speak with a specialist. They will be on hand to go through your requirements and provide you with information on our services so you get the right solution for your property.

Complete coverage throughout the building

All areas of your property are covered by our fire sprinkler systems. This ensures all points a fire could potentially break out are covered, minimising the likelihood of the fire spreading and causing more damage. Electronic heavy areas and places like kitchens are the most likely areas for a fire to break out. All it takes is a spark and something can ignite.

Residential fire sprinklers work to combat fire, no matter where it is. If a fire was to break out, they would activate in the area of the fire, leaving the rest of the building dry. Fighting the fire like this reduces the damage it causes and stops it from spreading to other buildings nearby.

Professional installations by people you can trust

Working closely with you, our installers utilise years of experience to provide you with a quality installation of our residential fire sprinklers. These are installed throughout the property and are concealed in the ceiling so they do not stand out. If you would like to find out more on how our fire sprinkler systems work, have a look here and find out more!

Your home is unsafe the whole time you do not have fire sprinklers installed. If you were asleep or have left the building and a fire breaks out, there will be nothing to tackle it other than an alarm that informs you that you will need to leave the building. The fire brigade will then only be able to combat the fire when they arrive which, depending on the intensity of the fire, could already be too late and your possessions will be destroyed.

Residential fire sprinklers installed across South West & Central London and Surrey

Based in Twickenham, we provide clients throughout London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, North Hampshire and Surrey with outstanding residential fire sprinkler installations.

We have already installed our residential fire sprinklers for clients throughout a variety of areas, including Guildford, Twickenham, Chelsea, Bracknell, Hampton, Putney, Andover, Fulham, Woking, Surbiton, Winchester, Windsor, Cobham, Richmond, Basingstoke, Farnborough, Alton, Reading, High Wycombe, Kensington, Kingston upon Thames, Weybridge, Shepherd’s Bush and Wimbledon.

Contact the specialists here at Watergate Fire Sprinklers today to find out more on our residential fire sprinkler systems.